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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Custodian Substitutes06/09/2021MaintenanceDistrict-WideApply
Reading Specialist Cert. 331006/08/2021CertifiedField Street SchoolApply
Chief Information Officer06/08/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
Assistant Computer Systems Technician06/08/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
Computer System Technician06/08/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
Night Shift Foreman05/17/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
Teacher of Supplemental Instruction Reading & Math K-8 Cert. 1005 and 100105/17/2021CertifiedPaul W. Carleton SchoolApply
Early Childhood Literacy Specialist Cert. 1013 & 331005/14/2021CertifiedPaul W. Carleton SchoolApply
Guidance Counselor Cert. 270205/14/2021CertifiedPaul W. Carleton SchoolApply
General Cafeteria Worker05/14/2021Food ServiceFood ServiceApply
Head Cook /Manager Serv-Safe Certification Required05/14/2021Food ServiceFood ServiceApply
Full Time Security Aide05/14/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
Teacher of Social Studies Cert. 230005/14/2021CertifiedPenns Grove High SchoolApply
BiLingual Teacher Cert. 1480 & 100105/14/2021CertifiedPaul W. Carleton SchoolApply
BiLingual Teacher Cert. 1480 & 100105/14/2021CertifiedField Street SchoolApply
Health/Physical Education Teacher Cet. 160505/14/2021CertifiedPenns Grove High SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher with Special Education Endorsement (Cert. 1001 & Cert. 2475)05/14/2021CertifiedPaul W. Carleton SchoolApply
English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher or BiLingual Teacher Cert. 147505/14/2021CertifiedField Street SchoolApply
K-8 Gifted and Talented Teacher Cert. 1001 and 1410 or 1810 or 190005/14/2021CertifiedPenns Grove Middle SchoolApply
Teacher of Science (Cert. 1103 or 2210)05/14/2021CertifiedPenns Grove Middle SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher with Special Education Endorsement (Cert. 1013 & Cert. 2475)04/28/2021CertifiedLafayette-Pershing SchoolApply
Food Services Van Driver04/21/2021Food ServiceFood ServiceApply
Teacher of Language Arts with Special Education Endorsement (Cert. 1106 & Cert. 2475)04/09/2021CertifiedPenns Grove Middle SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher with Special Education Endorsement (Cert. 1001 & Cert. 2475)04/09/2021CertifiedField Street SchoolApply
Part Time Security Aide03/26/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
Instructional Aide03/26/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
Health/Physical Education Teacher Cet. 160503/25/2021CertifiedField Street SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher with Special Education Endorsement (Cert. 1001 and Cert. 2475)03/08/2021CertifiedPaul W. Carleton SchoolApply
Teacher of Spanish (Cert. 1550)03/08/2021CertifiedPenns Grove Middle SchoolApply
School, Community and Resource Liaison/Attendance Officer03/02/2021ClassifedDistrict-WideApply
English Language Arts Teacher Cet. 1106 or 141002/05/2021CertifiedPenns Grove Middle SchoolApply